Our everyday non-toxic & Lead free fishing sinker.

Made to leave minimum impact on the environment if lost in use. Our SINKA'S™ main component ironsand, along with it's other ingredients are non-toxic and safe to handle. Designed for low snagability - The hard smooth surface and parallel sides aid recovery over rough ground. You will find there is little difference in most situations over traditional lead sinkers.

We have 7 different sizes in the range, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 oz. Available as a running or a dropper sinker.


Is a revolutionary absorbent sinker. It attracts fish to your bait - it's like having a berley bag on the end of your line.

Absorbs approx. 20% of it's volume in fish attractant.

Drop your SOAKA™ into our specially formulated SOAK-IT™ fish attractants. Soak for 15mins to absorb a full charge of flavour. Our slow-release attractants give off tantalising scents to lure fish to your hook.

Store your SOAKA™ in the SOAK-IT™ Tub or alternatively air dry in the sun. Once dry they can be re-soaked at a later date, ready for your next trip. They can be re-used time and again.



  • Low Cost
  • Non-toxic & lead free
  • Low-snag shape
  • Stores on our compact HOLDA™
  • Creates a safer fishing environment


    SOAK-IT™ is our specially formulated slow-release fish attractant.

    Available in two different flavours, Garlic+ and Anise+. They both contain 6 different ingredients to give off tantalizing scents, designed to lure a wide range of fish to your hook.

    Store your SOAKA'S™ in our SOAK-IT™ Tub. Each tub comes fully packed with four SOAKA'S™, a 250ml bottle of our SOAK-IT™ attractant and a handy lift out draining basket.


    Another unique concept, is the use of the magnetic HOLDA™. Use this to retain your SINKA™ in a fixed position when baiting-up a hook, or firmly hold in place when travelling.

    This is a clip-on device for your fishing rod or boat. It has two powerful neodymium magnets embedded inside. You can securely hold our non-lead sinker's, virtually eliminating any swinging line problems.

    Caution – Do not place electronic devices in close proximity to the strongly magnetic, HOLDA™ - These magnets are amazingly powerful ...!



  • All in one berley & sinker
  • Re-usable
  • 6 fish attracting ingredients
  • Non-toxic & lead free
  • Creates a safer fishing environment




    Graham Carter - Editor of "Fishing & Outdoors"

    When the fishing slowed down I put one of the Aqua Soaka's on as I needed a bit more weight. And sure as eggs it wasn't long before I had on a good snapper. Not convinced that it wasn't a fluke I re-baited and gave it another chance. Bang almost straight away and I was into another snapper.

    Now I was starting to think there maybe something in this new piece of kit. So I snuck over and gave one to my mate Tom. Everyone else was looking a bit glum and my two snapper hadn't brightened anyone up all too soon. Within a few minutes Tom had a nice snapper on board and I had another one as well. So what can you say...

    Mike McKinstry - Stoke, Nelson

    I was sitting out on the boat floating whole pilchards out the back and pulling in a snapper every half hour. Wanting to try something different I put down two extra lines with Soaka's on them. It was like turning on a light switch with both of these lines producing snapper at the same time. After rebaiting and putting them over the side again the same thing happened. It got to the stage that I had to put one of these rods away so that I could control what was happening. It turned out that at the end of the days fishing the Aqua – Soaka lines caught my snapper at the rate of 4 to 1 compared to the other method I was using. I will always use Aqua – Soaka now to produce a feed on the boat.

    Roger - Redwood Valley, Richmond

    Not even a bite for me and these guys had boated three each. They kept on teasing me until I at last relented and gave one of their Aqua Soaka's a go. No BS this time. I was in business almost straight away, boating the biggest blue cod I'd ever caught.

    Mark Sullivan - Christchurch

    I knew Paul would need all the help he could get to out fish me, so his Soaka was of little concern to myself. We started to fish away, to my total disbelief he started pulling up and releasing fish left right and centre. I was dumb founded, I hadn't even landed a fish, finally I did but I was well behind him.


    Our company has spent years in developing our patented, eco friendly fishing sinkers, made from naturally occuring ironsand as a replacement for lead. We believe that the centuries old custom of processing lead with the associated health risks is unnecessary. Losing this lead, as millions of fishing sinkers into our rivers and seas, is no longer an acceptable practice. Lead, along with other polluting substances is being phased out by government policies and public pressure in many countries.

    Some states in the US and countries in Europe have already banned the use of lead because of the harm it does to aquatic life, birds and mammals.

    Many people don't realise lead fishing sinkers pose a significant threat to humans. Handling of sinkers particularly when they've been used previously in salt water which is corrosive, oxidises the surface. This rubs off on to hands and may be absorbed through the skin and ingested if hands aren't washed before eating. Home manufacture of lead sinkers is widespread, exposing adults to deadly fumes and children alike, who find this quite fascinating to watch. Even in a controlled manufacturing facility, workers may be suspended from work if their blood/lead levels are raised.

    Toxic Lead collected from our local beach


    We believe in fishing for what you need and putting back what you don't.

    Try using barbless hooks, especially for blue cod. These hooks do little damage to the fish. They can then be released in the knowledge, they are likely to survive for another day.

    On our recreational fishery, we had years of experience using barbless hooks - as long as you remember to keep the line tight while playing a fish, we don't believe any more fish are lost than with barbed hooks - The ones that get away, are probably lightly lip caught and were going to escape anyway. Another plus, is how easy it is to unhook a fish and any other unfortunate garment or body-part, that gets snagged ....Ouch!

    Bio degradable fishing line is another good practice that doesn't become a hindrance to birds and animals if line is cut or lost. Think about what we are doing when enjoying a days fishing, its these small things that go a long way in keeping our patch special.

    Respect your catch & love the sea


    We are a family company based near Nelson, New Zealand. Nelson is a busy port for commercial and recreational fishing. We develop and provide premium fishing tackle with a message, we want to look after our rescources and promote sustainable fishing practices, enhancing New Zealand's image and feeling happy about the footprint we leave behind.

    Paul, our managing director is mad about fishing. His background in fishing started as a young child when he was taught by his father the skills of angling. Later on creating his own catch and release recreational fishery in the UK. Now when he's not in the workshop he's out on the boat testing new products and catching fish.


    Director / Head inventor


    Production & Dispatch Manager


    Designer & Web Development




    Paul has always been keen on looking at new ideas. On the beach one day he picked up a handful of ironsand, tossing it from hand to hand, sinkers suddenly came to mind. Why not try to make fishing sinkers from this? We spent many months at our workshop developing methods of creating a compact, durable sinker which is pleasant to use. The result of which is the non-toxic, lead free AQUA SINKA™ and the creation of the world's first absorbent sinker, AQUA SOAKA™ and the rest is history.


    We believe fishing is a hobby and a way of life that every child should have the opportunity to experience. Lets make sure our kids get that chance. Our ethos is catch what you need, put back what you don't and keep our waters clean. AQUA SINKA™ would like to raise the general awareness of sustainability through our innovative products, that take care of our planet.

    We hope you enjoy your fishing as much as we do.


    PHONE: +64 3 5278470